Chakra Meditation

My journey that lead me to teach this class

Now about 7 years into my yoga practice and I finally realized something was not clicking. My body felt as if it was breaking down, I felt frantic, constantly fatigued and yet I could not get out of this spiral. I was having chronic low back pain. Never connecting that it may go beyond muscular skeletal. Do I feel a sense of connection to self, to the surface beneath my feet, do I feel grounded, safe, secure? The answer was no.

I began to take a stroll through each chakra during meditation and soon realized where I felt imbalanced, and how I could address these from a loving grounded space. 

A dear teacher and friend of mine reminded me the importance and what comes with a dedicated meditation practice. Things started to make sense again once I began to implement this. Nothing was mayhem like it had been feeling, I was okay, my body began to feel restored from within. No amount of asana could do this. That is okay, I needed something different. A restore of balance from within. To quite literally, slow down.


The entire body, the energetic, the emotional and physical are a perfect reflection of our beliefs, thoughts and view about our self. It is the physical manifestation of our inner beliefs about who we are. How cool! The health of a chakra is governed by our beliefs about ourselves in that particular area of life that the chakra is connected to.

During this class you can expect to be guided though a chakra meditation which will take you on a journey that cleanses and restores energy to each of your chakras. We will use props, lots of them, finding a place of ease and comfort for the whole hour. We will work to bring your entire system into a state of harmony and balance. Essential oils will be weaved into class, and are always optional.