​The word hatha comes from combining the two Sanskrit terms “ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon. Yoga means to yoke, or to join two things together, hence hatha yoga is meant to join together sun (masculine, active) energy with the moon (feminine, receptive) energy, thus producing balance and greater power in an individual. During a Hatha class at Yoga On Yamhill you will practice short breathing exercices (pranayama) followed by both active and receptive poses (asanas). This method is appropriate for anyone - regardless of age, degree of health or other perceived limitations. In addition to building and strength and flexibility, Hatha yoga can help increase your ability to focus, observe, be present and relax. Our Hatha classes balance precise instruction, alignment with breath, and movement. Classes are carefully themed to deepen the students experience of yoga, modifications are used to individualize the practice for each student.