Hatha Flow

This class is a blend of Thai Chi and Tibetan  Hatha Yoga. Both are practices for the cultivation of inner Harmony (or Health). In this class we begin very slowly to incorporate steady rhythmic breath with gentle movement. In these ancient healing techniques we see ourselves as living instruments, through which the force of Life (or Chi, or Prana) flows. Our instruments are composed of many channels and systems that are constantly moving energy through us. In their natural state (Homeostasis) the energy of these channels flows Harmoniously. All disease is the result of a channel not flowing correctly. So put very simply this class is about spending time fine tuning our instruments and bringing everything back to Harmony, thus Healing ourselves and improving the way we feel. The movements and poses in this class are meant to open the primary channels through the body and they are designed so that everyone can join this practice if they go at their own pace and extension. Namaste.