Intuitive Healing

Heidi McKenna is an intuitive healer whose unique gifts include the ability to identify physical and energetic imbalances. In linking directly to the healing power of Source she helps committed clients, connect with their true heart. Assisting them in rebalancing and clearing old patterns, restoring joy, self-connectedness, inner peace and inherent wisdom. Sessions are simple and pure, addressing whatever arises in the moment. Clients often experience a joyful self-contentment that is both energizing and calming afterwards. Heidi serves a broad range of individuals; providing guidance and clarity. Her focus includes, but is not limited to, stabilization of mood, optimizing health and well being, instilling groundedness, and providing guidance and tools for effective decision making in every day life. Source is omnipotent and unconditional. It is within everyone regardless of ideas of deservedness or self worth. Using this undeniable truth Heidi directs clients back to the birthright of their own heartfelt joyfulness