PDX Women's Circle

Yoga on Yamhill

This Event is offered 100% by Donation

An event to inspire the gathering of women. Traditionally women would gather each month for their moon and shed the month's cycle together. This was a purification process held in a place of honor and beauty, where women could support each other in not only the physical cleansing, but also the cleansing of the emotions we carry that no long serve us.

TODAY, true sisterhood can be hard to come by. Women’s circles are an intimate gathering where we learn new ways of speaking, listening and relating to each other. It is a place where we discover and integrate new blueprints that serve women as we traverse through the cycles of life. We come together as equals with an intention to offer empowering connection, community and a refuge of trust and love. These circles have the power to change the world, one woman at a time. We welcome you to join this sacred gathering for the New Moon and Full Moon of each month. Bring an open heart and a smile.

Please feel welcomed to asking any questions about the event, privately or below.

All people who identify as women are welcome smile

This event is offered 100% BY DONATION.

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Yoga on Yamhill
124 SW Yamhill St.
Portland, OR

March 2018
Event Date Event Times Class in Event Series Event Level Event Instructor Suggested Donation
March 177:00pm - 9:00pmThe Gathering of WomenAllHayleigh Bailey$0.00