Contemplative Yoga

Contemplative Yoga is a gentle, slow flow class to reorient oneself to the present moment and the deeper meaning of life. This workshop will focus on releasing tension from the body and integrate spiritual practices to awaken the soul. This workshop is intended to be trauma-sensitive and facilitate mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.


Yoga is a spiritual discipline that is not owned by one specific religion. This workshop will embrace breath work, meditation, and physical postures with a focus on understanding one's purpose and connection to the world around them.

I define spirituality as an individual's pursuit for and practice of meaning in their life. I became a certified instructor through an organization that teaches yoga with foundations of the Christian tradition, which are an important part of my worldview. However, This workshop is NOT to convert anyone to a specific religion or impose any beliefs on others, it is rather to explore personal spirituality through the practice of yoga. In fact, if you have been hurt by The Church  in the past, I am with you, and this class is for you if you are interested in connection with the Divine outside of religion.


The Center for Action and Contemplation founded by Richard Rohr says this about contemplative prayer, that is the inspiration for this workshop, "Contemplative prayer, remaining silently and openly in God’s presence, “rewires” our brains to think non-dually with compassion, kindness, and a lack of attachment to the ego’s preferences... In contemplative prayer we move beyond language to experience God as Mystery. We let go of our need to judge, defend, or evaluate, plugging into the mind of Christ which welcomes paradox and knows its true identity in God." For the purposes of this class, the word God for you can be replaced with language that suits your beliefs, such as; Him, Her, the Divine, Higher Power, the Universe, or Love.


This workshop will open up space for student's to explore and contemplate on their own beliefs, spirituality, and prayer in a safe space. ALL individuals of all levels of yoga experience are welcome!