Ashtanga Foundations I

ASHTANGA FOUNDATIONS I: The Allies in Surya Namaskara
FRIDAY, 6:30pm-8:30pm

In this class we’ll look at the root techniques that form the internal practice of Ashtanga Yoga by carefully studying their application to the nine positions of Surya Namaskara. The root techniques, or allies, include pranayama (conscious breathing), vinyasa (positioning), bandhas (locks), dristi (gazing), and dhyana (meditation).

The positions of Surya Namaskara provide the perfect foundation to explore the important role that each of the allies plays in creating a mature, sustainable yoga practice. We’ll also explore how to internally connect the allies, and see how the creative interaction between them can help you to awaken the entire inner ‘field’ (ksetra) of consciousness. Awakening the inner field gives you a special kind of intuitive intelligence that pervades the body and helps you better use limbs 3 and 4 (asana and pranayama) to move towards mastery of all eight limbs in the system.


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