Ashtanga Foundations II

ASHTANGA FOUNDATIONS II: Using the Allies in Standing and Seated Postures of Primary Series

In this class we’ll explore how to cultivate a combination of dynamism and stability in the standing postures to provide you a perfect means of entrance into the internal practice of Ashtanga Yoga. We’ll explore the importance of using the feet, legs, and hips to create strength, stamina, and concentration. You’ll better understand how the standing postures are an essential key to building a strong asana foundation. You’ll learn to better access mula and uddhiyana bandhas (locks), and you’ll see how the grounded support of the lower body can awaken the breath and the spine and lead the way to steady gazing (dristi) and dynamic meditation (dhyana).

PART 2: SEATED POSTURES 11:15am-12:30pm
Structuring each seated asana in the Primary Series around understanding the allies (vinyasa, breathing, bandhas, etc) will help you better extract the strengthening, restorative, and healing benefits of this important series. We’ll also study the dynamic transitions between the asanas. Emphasizing transitions teaches you to cultivate rhythm, breath, dynamism, and vitality within the stillness of each asana.

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