Essential Wellness

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Where? Yoga on Yamhill 124 SW Yamhill Portland Oregon 97204

When?  June 10th from 3-5pm

You know that feeling when your yoga teacher places essential oils on you at the end of class? If you wish it lasted forever, then this workshop is for you!

Come join us for a rich 2 hours together with time to meditate, move and meet each other. Teachers Nola Mandels and Alysa Romano  will support you with hands-on assists and essential oil application throughout class, plus lead a group circle at the end of class to discuss practical ways to use oils in our everyday lives. Expect to leave feeling blissfully connected and heart centered.

Historically, oils have been used as a natural way to heal, enliven our senses and connect with plants and nature. By combining oils with movement, we deepen our ability to soothe our bodies, focus our minds and expand our spirits.

Essential oils are exquisitely complementary to the practices of meditation and yoga because they invigorate our senses and aid in Pratyahara, or turning within. In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali states: “All the scents are within us. All the beautiful music is within us. All art is inside. Why should we search, running after gardens, when all of the flowers are inside of us?” -Yoga Sutra, 27.