Kai Kani

For many years I have lived a very Spiritual and Health devoted life. I love to learn and am an avid student and practitioner of all things I find truly help the living & growing process. My studies and practices have been in Buddhism, Taoism, Lakota, Hindu, Yoga, and Christianity. I also practice Thai  massage, Thai Chi, Kundalini, and study Traditional Chinese Medicine. I received my Yoga certification in Diamond Heart Yoga, which is a Tibetan style of Yoga focused specifically on opening the Heart and bringing the Mind into a compassionate and healing state. From the experience of these dynamic Wisdoms I have formed my own style of practice I call “Krystla Yoga” in which the focus is Harmony and the goal, is increased Health and Happiness. It has worked very well for me so far and I would Love to share this practice with all whom are willing. I teach with a very open Mind & Heart, so please, Come as you are. Love & Respect.