Amy Colman-James

My first introduction to eastern philosophy was at the age of 16 while living in Southeast Asia and I welcomed curiosities and shift in culture and exploration. I discovered the magic and healing properties of yoga in 2010 during a significant transitional stage. Practicing for the sake of my physical health, I soon understood the overall wellness this discipline brought me - mentally, physically and emotionally.

Continuing on to become a yoga instructor was the natural progression for me. I completed my Hatha yoga alignment-based training through the Ahimsa Yoga Ashram, deep in the jungle of Nicaragua. It was there that I was able to gather a deeper understanding of myself and the practice of yoga in its entirety.

“My aim is to empower students to use yoga as a way to recenter their thoughts, stimulate and balance prana (life-force energy), and maintain a strong, healthy structure, as well as to provide students with the knowledge and true understanding of union of the body, mind, and breath.”