Azy Pournaderi

Azy is a passionate and adventurous yogi on a mission to impact the world through mediation and mindful living. She has studied extensively internationally and became a certified instructor outside of Pokhara, Nepal with the intent of bringing those ancient practices back into the Westernized world.

She is a strong believer that every human, no matter their age, strength, flexibility or experience is capable of practicing yoga and enjoying the benefits that come from it. Azy strives to create an atmosphere in every class that is judgement free, connecting, loving, and nurturing for every body. She is excited for what the next steps of her yogic career entail as she looks forward to learning and growing through every new experience and interaction in her life long journey.

Class Times Class Level Class Instructor Substitute
5:30pm-6:45pm Beginner, Intermediate Power Yoga Azy Pournaderi -