Brenda Kromm

I am an athlete, outdoor adventurer, and crazy redhead. Yoga is the joy in my heart, the theme song for my soul, the lens through which I view others and myself, and the way I live my life. It brings me joy and peace, and I teach to share that joy with others ...

I came to Yoga on Yamhill 5 years ago: at a time when I was working through some difficult and significant changes in my life ...that meant slowing down and looking deeply within. My yoga mat became a place of tearing down and building up, questioning , learning , and self discovery.

This studio has always been a place of sanctuary and acceptance, solitude and camaraderie. It is with great joy and humility that I now share my practice here the space where I began this journey. Come join me! There will always be a place for you here....wherever your journey takes you...on the mat and off.