Danielle Boltz

I found my love for yoga in Portland, and took it with me to NW Montana and am just now returning to our beautiful city after three years of being away. Teaching yoga in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness taught me so much about myself and about other people.

It taught me that no matter how lonely we might feel at times, we are never truly alone. It taught me that every single human being—no matter the circumstance—is worthy of love, healing, and second chances. It taught me that you can never actually miss your fate. And most importantly it taught me how to speak my truth as a teacher, and as the person sitting next to you at the coffee shop.

Yoga continually brings me back home to myself, and this is what I wish to share with you. The classes that I teacher are grounded in the idea that yoga is individual, and that the right practice caries from body to body, day to day.

In our classes together you can expect a lot of laughter, occasional awkwardness, and unwavering love and support. When you leave you will begin to notice all of the amazing things that your sweet self holds, and you will no longer focus on the things that you think you lack. Come ready to play and find a deeper connection to your heart. I can’t wait to meet you!