Elizabeth Mockenhaupt

I have been practicing yoga for the past 7 years. I first came to my mat to find movement in a time when an injury prohibited the ways I had engaged in physical activity previously. When I stepped onto my mat, I fell in love with yoga and not only the physical benefits, but also the emotional and spiritual benefits it provided me with. I continued to practice and utilize yoga throughout college, and finally decided to pursue Hatha teacher training in 2014 under Katie Schuver.

In June of 2015, I completed my training and began teaching. I have taught many different styles of yoga since then, including Beginner Hatha, Beginner Vinyasa, Intermediate Vinyasa, Restorative, Meditation, Power Vinyasa, and Yoga for Children.

Outside of teaching and practicing yoga, I am currently in graduate school at National University of Natural Medicine to obtain my Master of Science in Nutrition. My love for natural health and medicine grows everyday from nutrition, cooking, yoga, hiking, and mindfulness. I can’t wait to meet you on your mat!