Emily Jovanovich

Emily started practicing yoga in college. Having been a competitive athlete for most of her life, her physical body was so appreciative that the practice of asana became routine. Her mental focus started to improve, her lifestyle choices and habits started changing for the better. She needed to know more about the mystical practice.

With the intention of deepening her personal practice, Emily enrolled in The Alchemy of Yoga with Silvia Mordini; a 200 hour training in the tropical haven of Nosara, Costa Rica. She came back with a whole new perspective, a deeper understanding of herself and the entirety of yoga.

Emily is so excited to be starting her journey teaching donation yoga. She loves a great playlist and finding what feels good within the poses. She encourages people to modify and make the practice their own. Her classes focus on strength, surrender and movement with the breath.

She hopes to guide you to develop a personal practice that is both suitable and safe for your body, to help you rediscover your flexibility and challenge you to challenge yourself - mentally and physically both on and off the mat.