Eugene Gray

“Through the practice of yoga we gradually improve our capacity to concentrate, our self-reliance, our health, our relationships—in fact, all that we do” - T.K.V. Desikachar

There is nobody who doesn’t want to feel better. Eugene’s background and experience give students the opportunity to make that happen. Eugene brings a refreshing mix of levity, brevity, and compassion to the art and effort of a yoga practice. His teaching style is welcoming and inclusive for the novice and experienced practitioner. A class with Eugene can leave you feeling lighter, looser, and laughing. There is never a rush to get to the "finish line" of a pose or sequence. Rather a steady pace of breath and intention to take you wherever you are in the moment.

The privilege to study with many world renowned teachers including Tias & Suryia Little, Peter Sterios, Timo Jimenez and TKV Desikachar has given Eugene an insight into the yoga tradition. He has completed a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification and is finishing a 500 hour certification at Prajna Yoga. In his 14 years of yoga practice, 7 years of teaching and over 15 years in the study of martial arts Eugene has refined a consistent self practice and encourages his students to develop their own as well.

His hobbies include cooking and playing guitar. He was the owner of Eugenio’s Restaurant on SE Division Street in Portland for over 13 years. He has also played guitar and sang in the ULtronz, Church of Surf and the Tempo Beats. 

Class Description
Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa, restorative and more.
All levels welcome.