Evan James

Without any background in movement training, Evan James tried his first Bikram Yoga class when he was 16. His mother Amy said it would be fun. It was not fun. He hurt physically and emotionally. Evan was curious as to why folks are bending their bodies into very uncomfortable shapes. He went again to find out and fell in love with the practice of yoga.

In 2014, Evan moved to Portland, OR to become a yoga instructor. He completed his 200-hr RYT at The Lotus Seed exploring an eclectic mixture of contemporary and classical yoga techniques.

In April 2017, Evan met Michelle Loew, the owner and director of The Yoga Space in Portland, OR. Evan is currently furthering his understanding of philosophy and yoga therapeutics in 500-hr teacher training.

Evan’s purpose is to acquire a more developed sense of awareness through movement and meditation. According to Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, the purpose of yoga is Samadhi, or pure bliss. He said, "Yoga is an awareness, a type of knowing. Yoga will end in awareness. When the mind is without any movement, maybe for a quarter of an hour, or even quarter of a minute you will realize that yoga is of the nature of infinite awareness, and infinite knowing."