Grace Schroeder


My name is Grace. I am a graduate student, registered 200-hr yoga instructor (R-HYI) through Holy Yoga, and Portland-area native. I moved to eastern Washington for college a few years ago desperate to get out, and in that time realized p-town is truly where my heart is at. I came home in 2016 and have never looked back.

I do yoga to become rooted in my body, in the present, and to connect to a greater purpose. Many of us spend our lives disconnected from our physical bodies in attempt to protect it. We slouch out shoulders to guard our hearts. We fill the air with noise to prevent us from feeling. We unintentionally live in a constant state of fight-or-flight to again from protect us from what we feel to be threats.
I spent years living this way. Without even realizing it. I suppressed, I chose not to feel, and I often molded myself to fit in the box that society tried to force me in. I teach yoga to counteract these damaging survival strategies.
In addition to things like mindfulness, meditation, counseling, and deep emotional work; yoga has been central to my own restorative process. It also has been one of the sole ways I’ve been able to connect with God (Him, Her, a Higher Power, or whatever language you are comfortable with) during spiritually dry seasons.
I am trained in hatha yoga. My favorite types are slow flows, gentle, trauma-sensitive, and restorative. That being said, breaking out Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Taylor Swift to a good power flow is 100% necessary sometimes. We all need that, right?
As much as I love going deep (ahem, I’m a yoga instructor) I believe laughter is crucial to mental and physical health. I have so much love for The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Parks & Rec, Napoleon Dynamite, and anything with Seth Rogan. Outside of yoga my favorite things are baking, hiking, camping, painting, and eating food with friends and family.

To me, yoga is an invitation to simply be. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are enough. Come and be.