Greg Arbo

I’m a Maine native who discovered yoga at a Vipassana retreat in 2014. At the time, yoga was a tool I used to encourage a deeper meditation. In 2015, my relationship with yoga changed significantly as I began studying clinical psychology under the supervision of Christiane Brems, a Psychologist and Yoga Therapist. She influenced me to pursue yoga more intimately, which led to me completing my yoga for social justice teacher training in February 2016, with Sarahjoy Marsh. My practice has since blended both buddhist and yogic philosophy.

My teaching practice has thus far been colored by yoga as a means of mind-body therapy, with awareness and learning at its foundation. I integrate contemporary research on neuroscience and biomechanics with Eastern philosophies, and I teach through an adaptive, trauma-informed lens. My ultimate hope is to guide students towards more skillful ways of being for a deeper, more enriching connection with life.