Heather Freeman

Yoga reminds us of our ever-present inner light that guides us to go inward to face our stories/conditions/habits with loving-kindness and compassion. I first came to yoga like most, being attracted to the physical postures and the asana limb. As my practice begins to expand I find solace and comfort in relying on the ethical principles to guide my actions, the breath work to connect my mind and body, and the later limbs to integrate my learning into my consciousness. I am forever grateful I have the opportunity to align my professional interest in psychology with the ancient wisdom and roots of the yogic system. I obtained my 200-hour at Asheville Yoga Center in 2014, and my 300-hour Yoga Therapy training at the DAYA Foundation in the beginning of 2018. In addition to teaching yoga, I am working towards becoming a licensed psychologist practicing Gestalt therapy. My main goal while teaching yoga is to help individuals bring awareness to their current state, whether in their bodies, breath or mind to help bring intention into their thoughts and behaviors to help them get them closer to their heart.  I intentionally link neuroscience and psychology with the asana to provide opportunities to practice yoga principles on the mat so the practice is more accessible off of the mat. I have taught yoga to many different populations including graduate students, adults and children receiving mental health services, adults with chronic health diagnoses, adults in custody and police officers. I am amazed by the healing power of yoga and continue to want to expand yoga's accessibility and utilization for all. Namaste.