Ravi Hoveke and Michael Steen

Ravi's Bio:
The practice of yoga for me is something that takes my experience from being ruled by mind (attachments, ego, fears and desires) to one to one that is ruled by the heart (presence, interconnection, peace, compassion, and love). It can come in many forms and has come from many inspirations. Most notably is the Mount Madonna Center where I completed a 200 hour intensive teacher training in 2009. There the practice of yoga became more of a holistic approach for me. One that was centered around the stilling of the mind, meditation and opening the heart. Intention, is to spread the practices that have helped me to willing humans, paving the way for a more whole, peaceful and fun life.
Massage, fun, satsang building and hugs are also a part of the regular practice. Om

Michael's bio:
Michael has studied Classical Ashtanga Yoga with students of Baba Hari Dass in Portland and at the 200 hour yoga teacher intensive at Mount Madonna Center. He has studied teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson at Kripalu Center and Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark at Semperviva Yoga. He teaches in Portland through Living Yoga and works as a Crisis Intervention Specialist for Lines For Life.