Sara Barger

I have been practicing yoga for 8 years. My first year of practicing yoga, I only sought to improve my body image. It was during this time, my life took a dramatic change and spiraled into a state of chaos, grief, and bad choices. When I found myself again and started to heal I intuitively started practicing yoga again but it was different this time. I felt nurtured and supported by my yoga practice. Yoga took on a new meaning in my life and has continued to cultivate an inner strength I cherish and wish to share with others. I received my Yin Yoga Teacher Training from Paul Terell, who I seek to honor with my practice and sharing with others. I have a passion for both the practice of yin and yang yoga. And, would love for you to journey with me!

Class Times Class Level Class Instructor Substitute
6:00pm-7:00pm All Yin/Yang Yoga Sara Barger -