Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark first started teaching yoga full time in 2007 in New York City, mostly at OM Yoga Center (where she also completed her 200-hour training), NYU, and privately.  In 2011, she relocated to San Diego, CA and continues to offer community-based yoga & meditation programs, teacher trainings, continuing education, and more.! !

Sarah’s classes are alignment-based and breath-centered, and draw on all 8 limbs of a Whole yoga practice for a Whole person.  Her asana (yoga posture) classes are heavily influenced by her own sitting meditation practice, years of professional contemporary dancing, a sense of humor, wrestling with the yamas (yoga’s ethical practices) and her teachers.! !

Sarah feels gratefully indebted to her most influential teachers, including Michael Stone (of British Columbia), and many OM Yoga greats including Sarah Trelease (currently of Portland), Cyndi Lee, Joe Miller and Christie Clark.  ! ! Sarah loves this practice and loves the community of other practitioners also trying their best to be awake.