Sarasvati Hewitt

At the age of 19 Sarasvati took her first yoga class and then began  studying with Ki McGraw and Bob Smith in Seattle, Washington at the Hatha Yoga Center and at their school in Bali Indonesia. In 2003 she received her 200 Hr. Training. Her teaching style has been greatly affected by Seane Corn, Travis Elliot and Sweethome Teacup. Sarasvati has  been teaching yoga for 12 years now throughout Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon. She has taught 4 year-olds through 94 year-olds. Sarasvati used to co-own a busy yoga studio in Portland Oregon shifted her focus to how Yoga and Neuroscience go hand in hand. After watching Neuroendocrinologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky's documentary on stress she was inspired to begin studying neuroendocrinology through Sapolsky's recorded lectures from Stanford. In June of 2014 Sarasvati studied Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Modern Yoga for Transforming Trauma at Kripalu with Jim Hopper and Dana Moore. Sarasvati currently study Interpersonal Neurobiology at Portland State University.

Her life experiences in parenting, story, anatomy, depression, extreme illness in pregnancy, and injury have led her to this intersection of Yoga and Neuroscience. Sarasvati has acquired great tools for transformation and joyfully shares them with the world in her teachings and  workshops.