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Yoga for health and well-being accessible to everyone

Yoga on Yamhill is dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga. Our teachers are committed professionals with a wide range of backgrounds who share a common vision of making the ancient science of yoga accessible to all people. We foster a non-competitive, "stay in your own practice" approach, encouraging awareness of pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation, in addition to the asanas (postures) to bring the practice of yoga to a deeper level.

We want to create a mutually respectful, self-responsible, positive yoga environment where all paths are honored. We support our ideology by offering several yoga classes per week that are open to all levels of yoga experience. Our teachers teach to whomever attends class - beginners and advanced students are often on mats right next to each other.  These classes offer a safe and comfortable space to explore the practice of yoga.

What do the classes cost?

What do the classes cost?

Yoga on Yamhill is a donation based yoga studio, there is no membership to join or per class fee that you are required to pay. However, donation basis does not mean free. Donation itself is the act of giving, just like the dedicated instructors teaching the classes are donating their time and experience. The rent for the studio and the pay the instructors receive are only provided by the donations you make.

How does this work?

Simply come down at a scheduled class time and experience one of the several styles of yoga we offer, on your way out, you are welcome to drop a donation in the box. All of our classes and workshops are offered on a donation basis. The amount you donate is up to you. The suggested donation is $8-$12, however we do not want to prevent anyone from practicing yoga because they can't afford it. We simply believe that yoga is for everyone who wants to participate.

Do you have Yoga Mats?

Yes, we have mats for you to use, free of charge. 

Groupon, Living Social, or other Daily Deals

What if I got the Groupon, Living Social, or deal from another "daily deal" site?

It’s really simple; bring your voucher to any scheduled class, the doors open 15 min. prior to class, and let the instructor know. They will in turn give you a punch card for your voucher.

This is a donation based studio, so am I expected to donate on top of using the punch card?  No.

The punch card is a pre-paid donation; we do not expect you to pay anything beyond that.

Once my punch card is expired or used up, how do I become a member?

The idea behind the pre-paid donation card is to allow students to find a style of yoga that best fits them and an instructor that they feel comfortable practicing with. Once your card is used up or expired, you are welcome to simply continue attending any classes that you have found you like on a donation basis. We have no membership or contracts you need to sign.

How else can I get one of the cards?

We only make them available through daily deal sites and certain promotions. They are not available for sale otherwise.

As a Beginner, What can I expect from yoga?

When you start practicing yoga you will find that it works on several levels. As a beginner, you will experience the practice of yoga as a form of physical exercise that challenges and refines your flexibility, strength and balance. You will learn to control your breathing in a relaxed and controlled manner that helps provide focus in the different postures you will move through. Learning to do this properly is the path to many of the mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. As the individuals yoga practice deepens, greater flexibility of mind and body is achieved. Yoga matches development of physical strength with emotional strength, this empowers the practitioner to face life's challenges with a balanced disposition.

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